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The Language of Love

Sermon given by Rev Stuart Taylor

16th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 148

Song of Songs 4:1-5:1


Part 4 of Series:

In the Garden of Delight: Falling in Love with God

An Exploration of the Song of Songs

Aug. 19: Kiss Me with the Kisses of Your Mouth (1:1-17)

Aug. 26: The Voice of My Beloved (2:1-17)

Sept. 2: Where Has My Beloved Gone? (3:1-11),

Sept. 9: Behold You are Beautiful My Love! (4:1-5:1)

Sept. 16: The Wounding and Healing of Desire (5:2-6:3)

Sept. 23: The Living Flame of Love (7:1-8:7)



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